Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oooo...Nak Curi Duit Aku Ye?

What a lame tactic betulla penipu-penipu alam maya ni.Kan Maybank dah pesan,jangan reply apa-apa SMS atau e-mail.Apatah lagi klik link yang disertakan kat e-mail penipu ni.

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Notification to update Maybank2u.com Account

Dear Valued Customer,
Your account have been flagged by our security experts.You are therefore required to verify your details to avoid service suspension.

Click here to Continue

Important Notice:

Ensure you Request a TAC.Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) is required to complete this update.Failure to provide a TAC will lead to account suspension.

Thank you for Your Undersatanding and support

Maybank Berhad


SATAN??Sah!Setan internet yang hantar e-mail ni,hahahah!

*Korang sume jangan respon kat e-mail-e-mail bodo macam ni ye?Pesanan khidmat masyarakat dari saya.

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